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AFA is proud to announce our partnership with The Fathering Project. Managing Director David Porter has been associated with the cause for many years and knows first-hand the importance of this organisation. As a third-generation family business, to us this is a natural alignment. With our shared values and goals surrounding the importance of fathers and their impact on future generations, the mission and impact of the Fathering Project is of great importance to AFA. We’re excited to start this journey with such a well-respected organisation, and we can’t wait to share more with our insurance community soon.

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AFA Insurance Fathering Project

About The Fathering Project:

The Fathering Project is a not-for-profit organisation that recognises that fathers, and father figures, play a vital role in children’s lives. The evidence demonstrating fathers’ potential to positively influence their children’s health and mental health, social success and academic achievements is now robust, indisputable, and compelling.

Absent, disengaged, ill-equipped or busy fathers is a significant social issue damaging the lives of Australian children and young people. We’re living through a time of rapid social change, where community views of fatherhood are actively changing. Many fathers and father figures are struggling to fulfil the joys, challenges, and responsibilities of being an engaged dad.

Many Dads are struggling alone, contributing to poor mental health outcomes and higher rates of suicide and domestic violence. Delivering engaging prevention and intervention programs and research-based resources will equip fathers with the skills to be the best Dad they can be and improve the lives of fathers, children and families for generations to come.

The Fathering Project is an evidence-based organisation that aims to promote positive fathering behaviours and fathers’ engagement with their infants, preschool, primary school and adolescent-aged children.

They’re proud to be the first intervention program to be implemented in Australia which focuses on the fathers of all children.

For more information on The Fathering Project; click here