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..It's personal

It's a person to person kind of business.

Protecting Australians for over 30 years.

Group 244

Multi Award Winning Underwriter

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AFA 2020 Accident Sickness Grays
AFA 2019 Accident Sickness Grays
2018 Accident Sickness Grayscale
2017 Award Medal Grayscale@2x
AFA 2016 Underwriting Silver Med
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The Original and the Best Binding Platform

With eBIND, AFA enables you to obtain a quote in minutes. Quote it, Bind it, Endorse it, Tweak it & Renew it - Fast hassle free 24/7.

Quote in minutes and Bind in seconds.

The Broker’s Broker.

Fast, Flexible & Fair.

Streamlining processes, our brokers know we are experts at what we do and that's why we have been trusted for over 30 years.
Experience the difference in flexibility, accuracy, efficiency, and speed, complemented by personable service with AFA.

…It’s personal

AFA Insurance Underwriters Australia

About AFA

With 30 years’ experience, AFA Insurance is an underwriting business that offers unmatched
expertise when it comes to finding the right cover for clients.

Why have brokers been choosing AFA Insurance for over 30 years?

  • We’re experts – particularly in A&H insurance products.
  • You get the best products for your clients.
  • Tools and guides that make it easy to educate your clients.
  • We are a family business and treat you and your clients as if you were one of ours.
  • We will do everything we can to ensure your clients get their entitlements.
  • AFA processes and the e-bind portal are focussed on making your lives simpler, easier & quicker.

We couldn’t imagine doing business any other way.

Personal testimonials


The relationship we have with AFA is not just a business relationship it’s a personal relationship. You know who they are and when they say they will do something, they do it.

AFA is my 'go to'


For P&A insurance, AFA is my ‘go to’. They have lots of expertise in this area. They are faster to get a quote, their quote is better and their service is very good. Smooth and hassle-free!

Tick many of the boxes


AFA continually come up in the market when compared to others. And we know they provide good service, are easy to use, so they tick many of the boxes.

E-bind is incredible

Their online system – ebind is incredible. I can do a quote with a client over the phone as opposed to sending off a quote slip to the insurer. I find that super helpful.

Group 420

We’re not just a business we’re family…