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AFA Insurance Fathering Project Classic Tour


AFA is proud to be a major sponsor of The Fathering Project Classic Tour May 2023.

Australia is currently facing a crisis of absent, disengaged and ill-equipped fathers, with increasing rates of mental illness, suicide, domestic violence and social isolation. As rapid socio-economic change is challenging traditional family stereotypes and gender roles, many fathers and father figures are struggling to fulfil the joys, challenges and responsibilities of being an effective parent.

This bike ride will help provide awareness and support to children with fathers that are in desperate need of help and guidance to care for them as they need. It'll help expand Community Fathering hubs like the one in Port Kembla that has been giving a way out to fathers that are fighting to be the best they can be for their kids.

AFA is proud to help raise much-needed support for children to have more effective caregivers who can alleviate the negative impacts of disadvantage and break generational cycles, resulting in happier, healthier children and more resilient communities.

RIDE DATE: Fri 19th to Sun 21st May

Donate to the Fathering Project Here