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Last Updated: 07/06/2023

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.... is a highly experienced and independent provider of claims management and TPA services. Headquartered in Sydney and employing over ... personnel, the company has been providing value-added services to insurers, underwriting agencies, coverholders, brokers and self-insured corporations for over ... years.

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Claims Management

AFA Insurance can offer claims management services across various lines including:

  • Expatriate and inpatriate
  • Corporate and private travel
  • Group personal accident and income protection
  • Journey and volunteer accident
  • Public and product liability

Delivering claims solutions across a wide range of industries and programs requires more than just good management. At AFA, we take a focused approach that also accounts for a range of elements, including:

  • Early loss and incident notification
  • Early assessment and action planning
  • Sound reserving philosophy
  • Maximising subrogation and recovery opportunities
  • Validation of quantum and costs
  • Engagement and discussion with clients
  • Sound negotiation
  • Full range of claim payment options
  • Tailored reporting
  • Instant data access

Should you need to submit a claim, please do so via your employer’s on-line portal (if active) or alternatively download the applicable form. Find out more about our claim process.


Online Claims & Administration Solutions

AFA can provide claimants and employers with access to technology platforms for:

  • Expat and inpat programs
  • Travel programs
  • Income protection programs
  • Sports and non-Medicare medical programs

Clients can deploy a standalone portal or integrate all of the options noted above depending upon requirements.

Benefits for administrators:

  • Access to bespoke reports
  • Each site is personalised to client
  • Enables control by providing real time access to program information
  • Centralised management tool for Accident and Health insurance programs
  • End of assignment notification option
  • High level security – on site hosting, encryption, secure access

Benefits for claimants and members:

  • Online, secure and easy to use
  • Makes claiming a quick and easy process
  • Minimal screens, drop down options, upload documents
  • Fast turnaround – claim to payment
  • Claims entered directly into administrators queue
  • Track status of claims
  • Repository for documents, booklets, and other collateral
  • Direct access to system administrator


Forms, Policies & Processes

Please submit your claims via your employer’s online portal if this is active. Otherwise please download the applicable claim form below.


For more detail regarding our claims process, see link below:


For information regarding our privacy policy and complaints process, see links below:


For information about The General Insurance Code of Practice, visit: http://codeofpractice.com.au/


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