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Public Liability


Public liability insurance covers a business' potential liabilities for personal injury or property damage to third parties. This cover is not just for larger organisations. It's now just as important for small companies, partnerships and sole traders.

If your business works near the general public, or you or your employees work on or visit client's premises, insurance against public liability claims should be a serious consideration.

Even if your business is not required to have public liability insurance by law or other compliance regulation, today's higher levels of ligitation make this kind of insurance a necessity. Without it, a business may find itself unable to afford the costs associated with defending a claim or paying damages.

In the event of a claim being made against your business, AFA's Public Liability Insurance will cover the costs of any legal defence as well as any damages awarded to the injured party, provided of course that the incident is covered by your policy and is within your sum insured.

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Loss of Tools Cover
As an additional option, you can also cover your tools for loss or damage all in one convenient policy.

This product is the perfect fit for small trades businesses with one, two or up to four on-tools.