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Public Liability


AFA's Group Public Liability insurance covers an organisation's potential liabilities to third parties for personal injury or property damage, should that organisation be found to be negligent. Statute laws impose a 'duty of care' upon certain people, including employers, owners of property and suppliers of goods. If an organisation is found to have breached its duty of care it may be liable for damages.

If an organisation requires its customers or the general public to be onsite, or if members of the organisation are required to visit a customer's premises, public liability insurance should be a serious consideration. The owners and operators of organisations have a responsibility to those visiting or engaging in activities on their premises.

Today, Public Liability has become a necessity. Without it, an organisation may find itself unable to afford the costs associated with defending a claim or paying damages. In the event of a claim being made against an organisation, AFA's Group Public Liability insurance will cover costs and expenses as well as damages awarded to the injured party, provided of course that the incident is covered by your policy and is within your sum insured.